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Ashmore is a suburb known for its ease of access to the beaches of the Gold Coast, quick access to shopping centres such as Pacific Fair and Robina Town Centre and of course the restaurants and entertainment precinct of the Gold Coast.

Ashmore prides itself on being a leafy, family friendly suburb, with architecture that’s a mix of older-style brick homes through to apartment developments that have been built thanks to the recent Commonwealth Games.

Shutter Smith specialises in shutters of superior quality for Ashmore homes

With such a variety in housing available in Ashmore and such an attraction to live in this bustling suburb, there is great opportunities to residents to take advantage of renovations for themselves to enjoy, or to put on the market in this time of growth – as the unaffordable southern states residents flee for a chance of owning a property.   

Adding value to a property can be done in many ways, however, one of the most important elements to buyers and families living in your Ashmore home is that of blinds and shutters. In the searing QLD heat, nothing is more important than ensuring you have the window coverings to protect your family from the heat, the cold (yep, all two weeks of it) and of course provide you privacy from passers-by.

Why do you need new blinds or shutters in Ashmore?

Whether you have lived in your home for a while, have purchased an existing property or are looking to sell, there is no question that your blinds or curtains are more than likely outdated. Why wouldn’t you want to add impact to your rooms by adding stunning plantation shutters with wooden louvres that can let the cool breeze come through on summer nights?

Potentially you have given some double roller blinds some consideration, ones that have not only the block out blind, but also a separate shade blind allowing you to block the sun, enjoy some privacy, but still have light gushing into your room? Shutter Smith offers a wide range of indoor, outdoor and fixed solutions to meet every budget and taste.

Add value to your Ashmore home with plantation shutters and blinds from Shutter Smith

If you want to add real value and ensure your family have the safety and security they deserve, that it is best to always speak to the experts. Many ‘off the shelf’ solutions in terms of blinds and shutters not only have to be set up by you, but they also dont have alot of the premium safety features to keep your little ones out of harm’s way – such as retracting cords or tangle-free cords.

So rather than risking value, or the health and safety of your family in your Ashmore home, speak with the expert team at Shutter Smith, a company servicing Ashmore’s blind and shutter needs.

With their team of qualified professionals at your service, they can meet you onsite, provide a realistic, obligation free quote and provide samples of the latest in technology, colours and materials to prepare your Ashmore home for summer.

FAQs Related To Buying New Blinds In Ashmore

I’m renovating my house and want to update the window furnishings. How do I go about doing this?

Installing quality products such as roller blinds, venetian blinds or plantation shutters will give your home a stylish yet functional revamp. Shutter Smith can advise you on the best way to revamp your home’s blinds.

Are custom-made blinds and shutters expensive?

You should consider your style and budget when providing an obligation free quote for custom-made shutters and blinds in Ashmore.

Will outdoor blinds, awnings or plantation shutters increase the value of my house?

High quality products add a touch of luxury, and help improve your privacy and security. These factors may increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

It’s too cold to sit outdoors at night. Is there a way to enclose my patio?

Patio blinds, awnings or shutters will transform your outdoor living space so you can enjoy it all year round. Our product range ensures you have the best solution for your lifestyle.

I don’t know what style or colour window treatments would suit my house. What is the best approach?

Blinds, shutters and other window furnishings can create a warm, cosy haven or give a feeling of space. The latest latest materials, colours and technology, plus expertise will help you create a stunning new look.

What types of blinds or shutters are safest for children?

Indoor blinds are available with safety features such as retracting or tangle-free cords, while plantation shutters are cordless. Your Shutter Smith expert can advise you on the safest options.

I have moved into a new apartment. What blinds should I use?

There’s a wide range of blinds from roller blinds to Venetian blinds that you can choose from. Roller blinds are possibly the easiest to install.

Can I install blinds in my office?

Plantation shutters, venetian blinds or roller blinds can give your home or office a fresh look. Find out from your landlord what the terms are for changing the window coverings in your office space.

I like the look of plantation shutters. Can they be used on external windows?

Yes. These popular shutters offer privacy and protection against wind and rain, making them a practical and hard-wearing solution for homes. They can be custom-made from materials such as timber, aluminium or PVC for a sophisticated window treatment.

I need window furnishings to help keep the temperature in my house constant. What is the best option?

Indoor blinds and shutters can help keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This helps to reduce heating and air conditioning costs. Exterior blinds or awnings will keep direct sun off the outside walls in summer, reducing radiant heat.

Doesn’t your Ashmore home and family deserve blinds and shutters that are functional, safe and add value to your home? Speak to Shutter Smith today!

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