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blinds oxenford
blinds in oxenford

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find a cost-effective and quality solution for your home window treatment needs, and at Shutter Smith, we offer a wide range of tailored options to meet your needs and budget.

As a leading blind and shutter installer in Oxenford, we have plenty of happy customers that have installed our blinds and shutters in the home and are now enjoying the benefits of indoor and outdoor solutions that protect your home from the elements.

Oxenford in summer can be a dry and hot suburb and installing solutions such as outdoor patio blinds and even fixed louvre flyover roof solutions, you can beat the heat and enjoy the outdoors year-round thanks to Shutter Smith.

Quality products and innovative solutions is what Shutter Smith is passionate about

We’re dedicated to offering much more than just blinds and shutters and go above and beyond to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with all of the installations we carry out across Oxenford and the Gold Coast.

With 20 years of experience under our belt, we’re proud to be offering our superior service to customers again and again as they renovate, build and buy new homes and properties.

We offer much more than traditional blinds, we offer timber shutters, PVC shutters, outdoor aluminium shutters, outdoor patio blinds with remote control and fixed louvre flyover solutions.

Check out why Oxenford residents whoo Shutter Smith for our quality products

There is a reason why we’ve been operating for over 20 years, and it all comes down to offer quality products backed by bespoke and tailored solutions that are affordable. We believe in offering the best solutions for your needs, to ensure you have the peace of mind you have the best possible blind and shutter product for your needs.

Whether you’d like to spend more time outdoor relaxing in the shade of our outdoor patio or you would like to have more space thanks to a fixed louvre flyover solution installed in your outdoor area, the team from Shutter Smith are ready and able to help you create the perfect look for your property tailored to your exact needs.

Shutter Smith are the professional blind and shutter installers in Oxenford

Regardless of the style and age of your home, Shutter Smith can offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor products to suit your home and style. We offer a free no-obligation quotation on site at your Oxenford home so we can explore the best options for your blind and shutter needs.

FAQs Related To Buying New Blinds In Oxenford

I’m looking to install security roller shutters on my store windows. What are these made from?

Security roller shutters are made from aluminium or steel with tightly jointed slats forming a solid surface when closed. They are a good way of protecting a business and lowering insurance premiums when fitted with approved locking mechanisms.

Are there any reasons why I can’t install external shutters in my office?

It could be that your lease agreement doesn’t allow for external modifications to the premises.

What are the reasons for installing security shutters on a store window?

The main reason is added security. Shutters are a physical barrier to thieves and they conceal the merchandise within the store, which removes the temptation to attack the business. Security shutters also lower insurance premiums because of their deterrent effect, and they protect windows and stock from storm damage.

What types of materials are plantation shutters made from?

Plantation shutters are traditionally made from wood, however they can also be made from PVC and given a texture to resemble wood when painted. But for a natural, authentic look, wooden plantation shutters have that casual elegance that home-owners desire.

What type of blind is least likely to collect dust and cause problems with air quality and allergies?

Without doubt the main culprits for dust are venetian blinds, since they are often in a horizontal position allowing dust to settle on the surface. Roller blinds don’t have this problem as they are always vertical (or rolled up away from dust) and are easy to clean. It’s the multiple slats that make venetian blinds so versatile, adjustable and elegant that also make them number one for dust.

What are the pros and cons of installing outdoor blinds?

Outdoor blinds are more expensive, because they need to be made of durable material that can withstand the elements all year round. They are more effective at reducing heat inside the house because they stop sunlight from falling directly on to the window. Awnings, that project from the house, are particularly good at insulating the house from direct sunlight. Exterior blinds can be made of metal and cover the entire window, effectively sealing that point of entrance. For this reason, they are more effective for home security.

Are Roman blinds the same as roller blinds?

Roman blinds are made from fabric that is designed to pleat when it is raised so that when it is fully up the fabric forms a pleated line at the top of the window frame. A roller blind wraps around itself when raised, so that when it’s fully up it forms a cylinder at the top of the window frame. Both types form a single, sheer surface when fully down.

How do I choose indoor blinds?

Start by looking through our product range, then call us for further information. Tell us what you want, the materials and colour and the type. We’ll be able to give you the advice you need based on the variables you give us.

Which blinds are best for a commercial office?

First, it’s important to think about the image you are hoping to project. If you want to impress on customers that you are a solid, no-frills business that is reliable and secure, then a flimsy roller blind won’t do. Steel security shutters give your office a secure appearance that inspires confidence in your clients. If the business emphasis is staying on-trend and creating a cool urban vibe, then venetian blinds are the way to go. They have been a modern style choice since modern style began.

Are awnings or blinds better for the exterior of a house?

Awnings extend away from the house, and are used to keep sun and rain off the house. Keeping the sun off the external walls keeps the house interior temperature lower. An exterior blind is mostly used for privacy, since they lie flat against the windows. Awnings have the advantage of acting as extra protection from the rain and sun for things like washing lines and allowing people to be just outside the house and still be protected from the elements.

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor plantation shutters, outdoor patio blinds, indoor blinds, a fixed louvre roof or a remote control blind option for your home, speak with the professional team at Shutter Smith today to find out what tailored solution we can offer for your property.  Our team service customers all across the Gold Coast and are here to help you today!

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