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Your Sorrento property is your castle, and at Shutter Smith, we’re proud to offer a quality product for our blinds and shutters at an affordable price.

Whether you’re searching for indoor and outdoor plantation shutters, outdoor patio blinds or a fixed louvre solution, speak with the team from Shutter Smith to explore the affordable and innovative options we can provide for your Sorrento home.

Our team of expert installers have over 20 years of experience in the shutter and blind profession and go above and beyond to offer the best solutions to meet your needs. We take the time to understand what you need for your home and go above and beyond to offer indoor and outdoor plantation shutters, outdoor patio blinds and fixed louvre solutions for your patio area.

Sorrento property owners love Shutter Smith’s customer service

As industry veterans in the blind and shutter space, we’re focused on offering quality and innovative solutions backed by the highest level of customer service. We’re proud of our shutters and blinds and go above and beyond to offer timber shutters, PVC shutters, outdoor aluminium shutters, remote controlled and manual option plus fixed louvres to meet every Sorrento homeowners needs.

At Shutter Smith, just like in the old days there were blacksmiths and goldsmiths, we’re proud to be a specialist in our field and work to ensure all of our blind and shutter solutions are of the highest quality. Don’t settle for anything less that quality, call the experts in blinds and shutters in Sorrento and get a high class solution for your home or property.

Need something a little different for your Sorrento home? Shutter Smith can create the perfect solution

It can be a challenge to create new and innovative solutions for your indoor and outdoor area and at Shutter Smith, we’re proud to offer bespoke solutions that match your exact needs and budget.

We’re focused on going above and beyond to offer something a little bit different for our customers and are proud to tailor solutions that meet our client’s needs in Sorrento.

Whether you’re searching for the ultimate patio blind solution or you’re in need of beautiful indoor or outdoor plantation shutters for your home, we’ve got you covered and can offer a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Want to add a touch of luxury to your home? Shutter Smith can help

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big impact and if you’re looking to enhance the look and functionality of your home, the team from Shutter Smith are available to add that special touch to your property with plantation shutters and blinds.

FAQs Related To Buying New Blinds In Sorrento

Does you business offer obligation free quotes for indoor blinds in Sorrento?

There’s no need to leave home when it comes to installing new blinds in Sorrento. We will make an appointment to come and measure your windows and compare the styles that might suit your home or business.

What’s the difference between venetian blinds and shutters?

Venetian blinds and shutters are both adjustable, the idea being to regulate the amount and angle of light entering a building. However, venetian blinds are for interior use, are lightweight and cannot withstand too much battering. Shutters are more robust, can be used outside, and apart from light can also keep out rain and offer security too.

Are roller blinds better than venetian blinds?

It depends on how much control you want over the light. If you’re happy to have your blind block out a solid portion of light, then a roller blind is best. A single piece of material, the roller blind can be all the way down or only covering the top of the window or anywhere in between. A Venetian blind can be all the way down and still allow light to come in from every point of the window depending on how far the slats are open. So for better light control, Venetians win hands down.

Are awnings or blinds better for the exterior of a house?

Awnings extend away from the house, and are used to keep sun and rain off the house. Keeping the sun off the external walls keeps the house interior temperature lower. An exterior blind is mostly used for privacy, since they lie flat against the windows. Awnings have the advantage of acting as extra protection from the rain and sun for things like washing lines and allowing people to be just outside the house and still be protected from the elements.

I want to find out more about the types of blinds available for my house. What types are there at Shutter Smith?

Our popular products include venetian blinds, awnings, outdoor and indoor blinds, plantation shutters, Roman blinds and horizontal blinds. In fact, blinds have replaced curtains in many homes with their sleek profile, ease of cleaning and ability to adjust light more readily in the case of horizontal and venetian blinds and plantation shutters.

Are external blinds a popular choice for the home or office on the Gold Coast?

Because of their flexibility when it comes to regulating light and heat, external blinds are a very popular choice from Main Beach to Coolangatta and all suburbs in between. Apart from keeping out the sun, external blinds and shutters protect houses from Queensland’s rainy season and can be lockable.

Are indoor blinds and outdoor blinds made from different materials?

Indoor blinds can be made from aluminium or wood for venetian blinds or plantation shutters, or natural or synthetic fabric in the case of horizontal blinds, Roman and roller blinds. Exterior blinds are made from PVC mesh, metal slats and wood, which give varying levels of opacity and weather the elements better than indoor blinds.

Which blinds are the easiest to keep clean?

The winner when it comes to ease of cleaning is the internal roller blind. Made from a single piece of material which can be easily cleaned, such as nylon. Unlike venetian blinds which have individual slats, a roller blind’s single surface makes cleaning a breeze.

How long does it take to install exterior plantation shutters?

On average it takes about three hours to install shutters to the windows on a single storey home. However, this is an estimate only and it’s best to contact us to find out about your situation. Things that affect the time include whether the windows are extra large or shaped unusually. Are they high up, or easy to access from the ground? Will the shutters need to be customised or did you buy ones that exactly fit your windows? Are there old shutters that need removing before the new ones are installed?

What’s the best way to estimate the time and cost of installing new shutters?

Call us for a consultation. The more time we spend with you on the phone and the more information we request, the more likely we are going to do a professional installation that meets your needs.

With over 20 years of experience, the team at Shutter Smith are confident your Sorrento home is in good hands and offer a satisfaction guarantee for all of the work we undertake. If you’re searching for a local expert with a broad range of experience installing blind and shutter solutions across the Gold Coast, look no further than Shutter Smith.

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