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With over 20 years experience in the industry providing quality blind and shutter installations across the Gold Coast, Shutter Smith offers a superior offering to clients in Southport.

Whether you’re looking to explore the option of indoor and outdoor plantation shutters, outdoor patio blinds with remote or manual options or you’re searching for the perfect fixed louvre solution, the team from Shutter Smith offer a wide range of services to meet your exact needs.

Looking for blinds or shutters for your Southport property? Shutter Smith offers a variety of innovative options

Finding something a little unique for your home or property in Southport can be a challenge and if you’re searching for a little bit of luxury for your window treatments, Shutter Smith offer a tailored approach to blinds and shutters.

Shutter Smith are professional blind and shutter specialists and work across the Gold Coast including Southport to offer the highest quality products at affordable rates.

We’re focused on delivering the very best service to our customers and go above and beyond to ensure the indoor and outdoor shutters and blinds we install are innovative and tailored to meet your exact needs.

Need Southport shutter specialists? Call the experts from Shutter Smith today

It can be a challenge to get the best quality materials and installations for your home if you’re on a budget and at Shutter Smith we’re a locally owned and operated company and driven to offer the best blind and shutter options for your indoor space and outdoor space.

Our team are experts in their field and offer fixed louvre flyover solutions, indoor and outdoor plantation shutters and outdoor patio blinds to meet the needs of every Southport homeowner.

With 20 years experience, we understand that quality is essential for our clients and use innovative products that stand the test of time.

If you want to add a little bit of luxury to your indoor or outdoor space, why not consider adding window treatments and fixed louvre solutions that add true value to your Southport property.

Plantation shutters and blinds add the special touch to your property, why not ask us for a free quotation?

It’s easy to see how plantation shutters and blinds add both comfort and security to your property and if you live in Southport and you’re looking to protect your home and add some additional functionality and style, explore the blind and shutter range from Shutter Smith.

With plenty of options available including timber shutters, PVC shutters and aluminium shutters, our innovative range of solutions will allow you to enhance your Southport property and add significant value.

Need a complimentary quote from Shutter Smith? Call us today and our professional team of installers will visit your Southport property and provide a detailed and quick quote for the installation of tailored blinds and shutters.

FAQs Related To Buying New Blinds In Southport

Does Shutter Smith supply outdoor patio blinds?

Yes, we specialise in patio blinds, and we can even install remote controlled mechanisms for opening and closing to keep you safe from sun and rain all year round.

Do you have a range of roller blinds and plantation blinds in Southport?

Our bright, sunny climate means Queenslanders lucky enough to live on the Gold Coast need protection from summer sun and heat. Whether it’s indoor blinds or blinds for external windows, you can find a wide range by looking through our online catalogue.

Which blinds are best for the home and which are best for the office?

Some blinds, like plantation shutters, look best in the home because of their casual appearance. However, there are some types, such as roller blinds, that can be styled to work well in the home or office. Call us to find out which are best for your situation.

I’d like to improve my home security. Can external windows blinds help?

Apart from looking good, external blinds or awnings can keep sun and rain off the house when needed. In addition, some blinds are lockable and made of metal, which makes them useful for improving home security.

Are indoor blinds hard to keep clean?

Some blinds are harder to keep clean than others, but there are handy tools to get the job done faster. For example, venetian blinds can be cleaned with a special top and bottom brush that removes dust from both sides. The easiest blinds to clean are roller blinds, which have a single surface.

I’m renovating my house and want to update the window furnishings. How do I go about doing this?

Installing quality products such as roller blinds, venetian blinds or plantation shutters will give your home a stylish yet functional revamp. We can advise you on the best way to revamp your home’s blinds and give it a fresh look.

Do you have a free measure and quote service?

Yes, we do offer a free measure and quote service, but first we want to make sure that we have all the information we need. This includes the materials, locations and number of blinds or shutters you need.

What’s the best material from which to make plantation shutters?

When comparing plantation shutters, high quality products are usually made from a hardwood like basswood. The natural texture of wood can be emphasised by a clear finish, or can be stained to resemble a dark or light wood. There are cheaper versions made of PVC that are more resistant to the elements and look great. However, some people prefer the authentic wooden look and touch.

How much will blinds cost?

The size of the window, material and type of blind all affect the cost. However, modern manufacturing and finishing methods mean you can get an amazing blind quite cheaply. Contact us for a quote.

How long does it take to install blinds?

Installing blinds can be done quickly as long as all the measurements and locations are decided beforehand.. If you know the dimensions, materials and type of blind you want, and have a budget to suit, the only variable is the availability of our installers. Give us a call to find out.

If you want to add some luxury finishes and window treatments to your home, consider installing Shutter Smith blinds or shutters and experience the enhanced functionality and style you’ve always dreamed of in your Southport property.

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