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Over 20 Years Experience in both blinds and outdoor living solutions

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Blinds and Shutters

Over 20 Years Experience in both blinds and outdoor living solutions.

Our Products:
Just as a ‘Blacksmith’ or ‘Goldsmith’ were specialists in their field… SHUTTER SMITH pride themselves on providing quality products and innovative solutions for your home. With 20+ years experience in both blinds and outdoor living solutions, the team at SHUTTER SMITH are here to help you today!

Indoor and outdoor Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters add a touch of style and luxury to your home. We have a range of options from quality timber shutters for the interior of your home, to sturdy aluminium shutters that create an all-year-round living space to any outdoor living area.

Timber shutters manage privacy and light at the same time and provide an elegant look to your area. We provide:

  • Timber Shutters
  • PVC shutters
  • Outdoor aluminium shutters

Shutter Smith provide a variety of Outdoor Patio Blind Solutions. From heavy duty crank handle options to the latest innovations with remote controlled blinds, Shutter Smith provide many product options that will suit your style and budget.

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Outdoor patio blinds 
Our outdoor patio blinds are a very popular addition to your home. They allow you to utilise your outdoor living space all-year-round and provide shade, protection against wind and rain, privacy or just the finishing elegant touch to your outdoor living space. We have a range of options and materials available. Some of these include:

  • Remote controlled motorised blinds
  • Heavy duty crank handle blinds
  • Twist-lock blinds
  • Multi-stop channel
  • Zip screen and zip track
  • Light weight and block-out material available

Plantation Shutters are the ‘must-have’ in window furnishing solutions. They provide a stylish and elegant solution that are extremely practical and hardwearing for the Gold Coast environment. We provide indoor and outdoor solutions in both timber and aluminium.

Fixed Louvre solution for Fly-over patios
Flyover patios are extremely popular in Australia. They have the benefit of adding up to 700mm of extra head height across your patio area. They provide a prefect blend of modern style and a practical solution for your outdoor living. After many years working in the industry, Shutter Smith have custom designed a fixed louvre solution that will provide the finishing touch to you fly-over patio.

Stylish finishing touch
The fixed louvers ensure your outdoor area feels like part of your home. The streamlined finish gives the wow factor that so many of us desire and provide many added benefits.

Custom designed
Each lourve is custom designed to your patio. They are available in many colours that will match your façade and compliment your home, however white is recommend to make the most of reflecting the natural light.

Not only do Fixed Louvers look great, they provide a range of benefits that complete your patio. This includes:

  • they make the patio feel like part of the home with a streamlined clean finish
  • they cover the fly-over brackets, beams and tiles from your roof making it aesthetically pleasing to they eye
  • they eliminate spray that occurs from heavy rain
    Helps channel the natural light up onto the high gloss underside roof sheet helping enhance the light
  • they help channel wind and provides cross-ventilation for your patio