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5 Different Ways To Use Temporary Wallpaper

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With temporary wallpaper, redecorators have an easy and stress-free way to try out different styles and feel in each room of the house.

One look around the house and many people could tell you exactly what needs to be changed, added, or removed altogether. However, while many people know exactly what they would change about their home, going through with it can be time-consuming and stressful.

One way to easily change the look and overall energy of the space is to put up some removable wallpaper. Traditional wallpaper is notoriously hard to handle, put on, and remove, however, this isn’t the case with this new alternative.

5 different ways to use removable wallpaper

In an instant, rooms can be colourful, sophisticated, cosy or even bold thanks to this removable decorative covering. The choice is dependent upon your mood and current style inspiration. Yet, the best thing is that the design statement doesn’t have to last forever.

This new trend means that you can cover up tired walls, make a rented house feel more like a home, or even try outlooks when renovating. Versatile and stylish, these wall coverings can transform the overall energy of a room.

1. Create a cosy feel

There are many elements that combine together in order to create a cosy room. However, wall coverings are a huge part of achieving that homey feeling. Rather than paint them bold colours, patterns can be used.

Something like a picture rail would work well. This is because it doesn’t overwhelm the senses. A bold colour would work to make it feel cosy because it gives the impression of a smaller area. However, you want to achieve cosiness without limiting space.

2. Go bold

Nothing says bold like out of the ordinary colours and silhouettes of flamingos or palm trees. Going bold is sometimes a risk, however, the short-term nature means that you aren’t going to be stuck with a bold design that simply doesn’t work.

Achieving a bold look can feel like hard work. Many people think that outlandish amenities achieve a bold look. However, success lies in the overall design which is where wall coverings come in.

3. Add some colour

The modern-day home often works of the same colour template- white. Everything about the property is white, including the amenities. Instead of purchasing costly artwork, colour and impact can be achieved with plaster.

Covering the area with colourful paper adds a burst of personality at a cost-effective price. The temporary nature of this product means that you’ll never get bored with the colour because you can constantly evolve the overall look.

4. Transform a kid’s bedroom

This short-term paper can also make kid’s dreams come true. Whether a child loves dinosaurs, trains, princesses, or a specific television character, their whole area can be dedicated to their passion thanks to wallpaper.

Transforming a kid’s room this way means that you won’t have to deal with posters and blue tac or even framed prints. The best part, however, is that as the child grows, their space can grow with them.

5. Revamp the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home and the design should reflect that. Instead of a monotone palette where the appliances or flow of the environment do the talking, choose to breathe new life into the four walls of the kitchen.

Because the look won’t be forever, you can experiment with country, Hamptons, old fashioned or modern styles. Opting for interim plaster is a lot cheaper than updating cabinets and accessories to suit stylistic whims.

Renovating with temporary wallpaper

Renovating a home doesn’t have to be costly and with removable plaster, even renters can join in on the fun. By having a vehicle to try out options, redecorating has never been easier, or cheaper.

The traditional form of covering is notoriously difficult, however, the short-term type has been made easier for those looking to apply it to spice up the overall energy of a bedroom, bathroom, and even kitchen. Making this a great afternoon or weekend project.