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How To Style Your Home With Blinds?


Interior blinds are a great choice for providing shade, protecting from glare, and enhancing your energy efficiency. What blind to choose for each room can be a challenge, however, with the right choice of style, you can create a stunning look that will enhance your space and increase the liveability of a room.

Each and every room has its own unique purpose and selecting a blind that suits the room is key to ensuring your home is temperature-controlled, stylish, and completely functional. Here are some considerations to bear in mind when selecting blinds for each room in your house.

Blinds for your bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and the key to a bedroom is to get a solid night of sleep, so the focus should be selecting blinds that will block out light and allow for a night of deep sleep. Many people love roman blinds for this very reason as they are great for blocking out the sun, others even go to the extent of installing electric blinds that allow you to wake up or go to sleep with a pre-programmed blind opening or shutting. No matter what you choose, be sure the blind is blocking out sun and heat, so you can get a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

Blinds for your kitchen

The kitchen space is a central focal point of your home and you want to have plenty of light for cooking and socializing. Not only this, but you might also need a blind that is easy to clean and is hard-wearing as there will be cooking, oil, steam, and plenty of activity in the space and you might want to ensure the blind you choose is durable and can withstand plenty of use.

Blinds for the bathroom

Bathrooms mean steam, and water, so if you are installing a blind in the bathroom or toilet area, be sure it can handle the wet and humidity of a bathroom. Plastic and vinyl are a great option for a blind in the bathroom and will be able to withstand the water and moisture. The last thing you want is a blind that can’t handle the bathroom rusting, or deteriorating.

Blinds for the living room

Relaxing and taking time out in the living room can happen at any time of the day, so you want to invest in a blind that can help to block out heat and any extra sunlight, while still looking stylish and functional. Roller blinds are a great way to remain energy efficient in your living room, allowing you to create the perfect space for relaxing with a book or enjoying a movie with the family. Add a sheer curtain over the roller blind to provide plenty of options for your window treatments.

Blinds for a baby’s room or nursery

Finally, one of the most important rooms to really get right when it comes to blinds is the baby’s room or nursery. Newborns will sleep up to 5 times a day, so it is important to have adequate block out curtains in the room to make sure the space is dark and inviting for babies that need to sleep at any time of the day. Also, ensure any blinds are free from cords, so your baby or toddler is completely safe at all times.

Summing up

Each and every room in your home offers options for your blind choices, and taking the time to access your needs for each room will allow you to create the perfect look. You can mix and match your blind or shutter choices based on the room, and an expert blind and curtain provider can show options to ensure you have the peace of mind you are selecting options that suit each room of your home.