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Easy Home Design Ideas For Renters

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You don’t have to settle for someone else’s design style just because you’re renting. And this is something that a lot of renters don’t realise. Although you can’t start knocking walls down, there is a lot you can do to transform the house you’re in and make it a home. That said, here are 5 home design ideas to get you thinking.

1. Give your wall a makeover

Any renter knows the struggle. You can’t hammer nails into the wall. You can’t tear down the terrible wallpaper. You can’t repaint without permission, and if you do, it’s generally only in the same colour already in use. Boring. Luckily, the world of home décor has advanced and you have options.

If you want to go really big, you can invest in removable wallpaper. You simply peel, stick, and peel it off before you move. You can opt for all types of designs, including lovely beach murals to make your bedroom a true place of calm and relaxation. Alternatively, on a smaller scale, you can stick to wall decals.

2. Use transitional pieces

You can put your stamp on any room using transitional pieces. Invest in high-quality end tables, sofas, chairs, lamps, art, and even window coverings. These are premium items that you will take to the next property you live in.

They’re built to last and you can decorate around them. Rugs, curtains, and bed linens can add comfort and coziness. The biggest issue with rugs is the size when moving from property to property. You can cut it down to size if you downsize. Don’t let size hold you back from making your rental feel like a settled home.

3. DIY built-ins

Built-ins help you to personalise an area and they generally help to save space, while keeping things looking tidy. Generally, built-ins refer to your wardrobe or it could be storage space in the living area. They often come with the house you’re moving into (hence the term, built-ins). If the home doesn’t have built-ins, however, it’s easy enough to create your own. How?

Just use tall bookshelves. Line them up side-by-side to get the desired space you want. You can place them on either side of a doorway, fill them with clothing or other items, cover them with a sheet of material or a curtain, and paint them to help them stand out. Ultimate Grey has been dubbed the 2021 Colour of the Year and is great for your built-ins, depending on your overall colour scheme.

In the living room, turn your bookshelves into mantles and space for knickknacks and any other decorative items you may want to display. Your built-ins can serve as both decorative and storage space in the bedroom, depending on your needs.

4. Make use of your space wisely

If your home is particularly small, you can use mirrors and lighting to make it look larger than it is. In this case, you will want a leaning mirror that is half the size of your wall. If you’re struggling with something of that size, several medium mirrors will do the same job.

The ideal placement is across from the window that gets the most natural light. That way, all of that light will be reflected into the room. If there is no window in the room, you can add large paintings to make your space seem larger and more vibrant.

5. Update your lighting

If there’s one thing you can be guaranteed in a rental, the lighting will be cheap as chips and as basic as it is painful to look at. Remove all of the shades and pendants, wrap them, and store them securely so you can put them back up before you move out.

Now, take a step back and think about the type of shade or fixture that will match your look and complete the room. You might be shocked, but you will see just how big a difference new lighting fixtures can make to a room once you have them in place.

Renters often feel listless. As though, they can’t truly make a home their home until they have a mortgage. But it’s important to remember that you still have plenty of options available, it just takes a little imagination.